Selling your home: 6 styling mistakes to avoid in the kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. So you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a make or break zone when it comes time to sell. Here’s a few crucial style mistakes you need to correct before you swings the door open to a potential buyer.

1. You’ve preheated the oven and cracked out the cake mix

That old idea of wooing buyers with the sweet smell of cookies coming out of your oven is just that: old! Put Betty Crocker back in the pantry and step away from the baking paper. The best way to appeal to buyers on the fragrance front is a subtle scented candle on your benchtop. Let your estate agent decide if it needs to be lit.

2. Your fridge is covered in menus, bills and kids’ art

Nobody wants to walk into your kitchen to learn that you’re a VIP customer at Vindaloo Palace. I also don’t need to know who your phone provider is, or that your child has mastered the art of colouring between the lines. Peel all magnets off your fridge and ensure it’s so sparkling clean that a potential buyer could see their reflection in it. This is no time for leaving clutter around.

3. You’ve been bitten by the styling bug and became its new host body

It started with a fruit bowl. Then came the cluster of timber chopping boards. Now your countertop is covered in a pyramid of candles and more plant life than Daintree Rainforest. It’s time to put away the trinket box and understand that less is more when it comes to styling. Also, strip back personalised mementos. Nobody wants to see any ceramic signage saying: “I gave my family two options for dinner: take it or leave it”. This is not cute.

4. Your stools are letting you down

Stools are not only important when mailed to your doctor to screen for health issues – they’re also vital to set the scene in your kitchen (albeit a totally different variety). Choose a few gorgeous new stools to put at your bench so that potential buyers can imagine cooking dinner with their loved ones sitting around. It’s these little moments that can make or break a sale, truly!

5. Kitchen cupboards: you cleaned the outside only

Potential buyers are the ultimate sticky-beaks. They’re absolutely going to open your kitchen cupboards to see what the storage is like inside. And here’s the thing: if they open them up to a hot mess of sauce stains and other dirt, they’ll begin to wonder what other situations you’re trying to mask in other pockets of your home.

6. There’s no feature moment that buyers will remember

Lastly, it’s really nice to include one feature moment in your kitchen. Don’t spend buckets of money if you don’t need to. But if the kitchen is pretty basic, consider some pendant lighting or replace old cabinet handles to breathe new life into the tired space. Buyers love a little drama, so don’t be afraid to give them something to remember (but keep it tasteful!).

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