How to keep your bathroom renovation under $6000

Mondella Signature basin

Even with a tiny budget, you can achieve a brand new bathroom look that will really have you singing in your shower. Believe us. 

Keeping your renovations to a budget can be difficult. If you really want to keep it tight, we’ve found some fabulous ways to achieve a new look for less in the bathroom.

Small updates, such as tapware, mirrors and re-grouting, can make all the difference to your bathroom.

Head interior designer and co-founder of renovation company Designbx, Kerena Berry, shares her tips for making your bathroom feel fresh without breaking the bank.

1. Fresh paint & grout

Kerena says a fresh paint job and new grout may be enough to make a bathroom look brand new.

Mondella Resonance range

A simple re-grouting or updated colour scheme can breathe new life into your bathroom.

Most bathrooms have the traditional white grout, which will eventually start to look a bit discoloured, even with the most pedantic cleaning. If you want to try something new, try black or coloured grout and a bold, new colour scheme to inject a modern feel to your bathroom.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and whether or not you feel confident doing the job yourself, paint should cost between $60 and $100 for four litres (see Bunnings’ paint calculator for your space), while you can buy over a kilo of grout for as little as $10.

2. Change your tap & shower ware

New taps and handles are easy to update without having to rip up your room. “Hardware replacements are always an easy way to update a bathroom,” Kerena states. “Slim and square lines are 2019 trend predictions.”

Mondella Resonance basin

Black and brass tapware isn’t going anywhere this season.

If trying to decide on the best style for your space, Kerena recommends trying to keep things in line with the rest of your bathroom. If you still feel clueless, she says black and brass finishes remain a popular choice. You can nab this on-trend Mondella ‘Resonance Black Pin Lever’ basin set for only $105.

A new shower set, like the Mondella ‘Signature Magnetic’ Hand Shower Set will cost you just $98.

3. Reflect on your mirrors

“New mirrors, toilets and vanities are also items that you can replace cost effectively,” Kerena assures. “Instantly they will make the bathroom feel new, bright and modern.”

Mondella Signature LED Mirror

Mirrors can create the illusion of space in small bathrooms.

A round mirror, like the Mondella signature LED sensor mirror, is a sleek addition that will make any space look more modern.

4. How to save on tiling

Rococo Bath

Don’t settle for sale price; work with your renovation team to find a competitive quote for tiles.

“Tiles are often the item that throws out the budget,” Kerena warns. “[It’s] not so often for the tiles themselves but for labour. [Labour] can often be three times the cost of a tile per square metre.”

The best way to keep your tiles under budget is to shop around for a good quote with trusted workers, and keep an eye out for discounts and sales.

“Many projects often over-order on tiles, so you can regularly find designer tiles online selling for a fraction of the cost,” Kerena assures.

5. Cut costs on the full renovation

If, when all is said and done, you still want an entirely new bathroom, there are savvy ways to save.

“Work with an architect or interior designer who can pass on industry trade discounts for your projects and push the dollar further,” Kerena suggests.

“Using fewer suppliers can often drive a better price as volume brings discounts. Equally, you will have fewer issues co-ordinating deliveries. Delays here cost money as tradies can be left at a stand still.”

Source realestate.com.au

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