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Australian house prices: RBA analysis suggests property could jump 30 per cent in three years

The RBA internal report was accessed by FOI act.

Heightened borrower confidence in record low interest rates could push property prices sky-high, according to analysis by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

In an internal document accessed via the Freedom of Information Act, the RBA has predicted that home values could rise by as much as 30 per cent within … Read the full post »

Australian home values finished the year 3% higher pointing to a strong start to property in 2021 [Latest Stats]

Australia’s housing markets built momentum through the end of 2020, pointing to a strong start to 2021.

Australia’s property market finished the year on a strong footing with CoreLogic’s national home value index rising a further 1.0% in December; the third consecutive month-on-month rise following a -2.1% drop in dwelling values between April and September.

Australian home values finished the year 3.0% … Read the full post »

4 key reasons why the property pessimists are changing their minds

Why were all those property pessimists wrong?

Businesswoman Is Pessimistic, Holding Smiley Emoticon Over Face

In fact, why are they becoming more positive about property?

Of course it wasn’t just the usual band of Negative Nellies making dire predictions of significant property price falls earlier this year, it was also some credible economists … Read the full post »

Liverpool, Sydney: The coming-of-age CBD transformed

It’s had more spending on infrastructure than any other Australian city in the past 10 years, it’s experiencing record levels of development and it’s now being positioned as the gateway to the new Sydney airport.

Liverpool, in the city’s south west, is today well on the way to becoming … Read the full post »

5 Ways Homeowners Can Prepare For The Spring Selling Season

The spring selling season is often the busiest and most frantic period of real estate activity in the calendar year. And it makes sense, as the weather warms and homebuyers hope to lock in a property before prices rise, those hoping to sell a home in spring can take advantage of housing market trends and walk away with a tidy profit in the spring.

But with all … Read the full post »

The uneasy relationship between auction conditions and cooling-off periods

The uneasy relationship between auction conditions and cooling-off periods

If a residential property sells at auction, there’s no cooling-off period. Nor is there one if a property is passed in, though contracts are exchanged later that same day. But when can it be said that an auction has taken place? Or a property has been passed in? And when does the cooling-off … Read the full post »

Lessons from lockdown: Lifestyle experts share their big learnings

If we’ve learnt anything during these past few months in lockdown, it’s that there truly is no place like home.

From shifting priorities, embracing new perspectives, and getting creative within (literally) their own backyard, lifestyle experts share the lessons they have learnt during lockdown, with the hope that perhaps others can learn from them, too…. Read the full post »

How property prices are really reacting to COVID-19

Predicting property prices is a favourite pastime for many economists but in most circumstances, forecasts are inaccurate. During the coronavirus crisis, there have been projections of house price increases as well as major price falls, while some say the falls are already occurring.

What we can say with some certainty is that major financial support measures from the Federal Government will reduce the likelihood of … Read the full post »

Seven reasons why I’m confident in our property markets despite the corona virus scare

What’s ahead for our property markets in light of the corona virus issues?Are they going to crash like the stock market has?

Is Australia going to fall into recession?

Property Market

That’s a question on the mind of many investors in light of the economic woes around the world and the uncertainty surrounding … Read the full post »

Changes to the 2019 Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land

On and from 1 December 2019, the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land will be changing to coincide with reforms to off-the-plan builds.

The Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Amendment Regulation 2019 (NSW), aims to alleviate some of the current risks associated with off-the-plan purchases and provide greater transparency for prospective buyers.

One of the amendments which aims to do this, is the … Read the full post »

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