Amanda O’Reilly

Amanda O'Reilly Property Manager

Amanda O'Reilly Real Estate Agent

"Growing up in Hammondville I joined the real estate industry straight out of high school, which I believe makes me somewhat of a veteran! I’ve been in property management for over 12 years, with an additional 2 years in retail sales.

I know the local and surrounding areas like the back of my hand and the people that live here very well! I think combining this with my retail experience has only helped me increase my skill set for my clients as I’ve developed exceptional customer service skills and have an ability to lead by example, empower my team and celebrate success! I am proficient in time management, and work hard to get the job done in a timely manner.

I approach everything I do professionally and honestly, and do my best to relate well to both tenants and landlords. I am dedicated to finding the right match for every property and try my best to set up a successful tenancy in each case from the outset! This attitude extends beyond my initial interaction with people, as I try my best to go above and beyond even after they’re secured as clients.

Whether it be a repair for a tenant or an inspection for a landlord, I work hard to be reliable in getting things done.

I am determined to be diligent in my response time and give attention to detail during all property inspections, as well as being able to openly communicate with my clients."